Emma Stenhouse Artist

We are thrilled to be partnering with proud Ngarrindjeri woman and contemporary indigenous artist, Emma Stenhouse.

On a journey of self discovery, deepening her connection with her family, exploring her heritage, and inspired by her love of Country, Emma encapsulates her knowledge in her storyworks formed by her deep relationship to land and guided by strong female role models in her community.

Emma is an Educator and is passionate about sharing her experience and culture through her art practice within her classrooms and in workshops. As a multifaceted creative, she explores diverse art practices influenced by her journey. Each art piece is braided with learning, an enriching exchange between artist and viewer, a continuation of culture - a platform for cross cultural exchange.

The Emma Stenhouse collection has been carefully curated to spread the beauty of Emma's artwork and connection to culture all through the early learning environment including with infants and toddlers, outdoors, dramatic play spaces and more.