Yawkyawk (Mermaid) Dancing Flowers Green

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Yawk Yawk are female water spirits that closely resemble the European idea of mermaids. Half spirit, half fish, they entice unwary fishermen beneath the water of the lagoons that are their domain throughout Arnhem Land. They may have long hair like reeds of trailing water weed and can take on the features of fish or body of a snake. When fully grown Yawk Yawk spirits can leave their water hole to forage for food by changing their fishtails into legs to walk on dry land or assume the shape of a dragonfly to fly. Yawk Yawk figures are also closely associated with Ngaloyd, the Rainbow Serpent and can be associated with sorcery. The clothing worn by the Yawk Yawk features decorative flowers gorgeously arranged one after another, as if they are bonded together. This unique decoration was only possible with the skilful and experienced hands of June Smith. A collection of various colours in such a beautiful way as if the flowers are with one’s heart. June Smith is a well-known artist in Santa Teresa, Alice Springs. She was born in 1960 in Alice Spring and she studied her trade there. She is the first woman in Santa Teresa to paint on silk. Just like the Likanaya, this resource is unique in its ability to bring creativity, culture and respect together into a fun and play based learning resource for all ages, genders and abilities. Made from cotton.


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