Rope Runner Cable Car

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Rope Runner Cable Car Kit –self-contained wood, string and card ‘Fun’icular kit from Kraul

You can Set up the Steiner Waldorf Rope Runner Cable Car Kit anywhere you can string a rope. The kit comes in a box which will fit neatly into a child's rucksack, school bag or travel bag. The bottom of the box serves as the cable car carriage – super compact and eco-friendly. The rope runner kit is a simplified version Big Cable Car Kit.

All you need to do is assemble the rope runner and then attach it to the base of the box that the parts came in, and the box becomes the car that your little people, animals and goods can travel in.

This portable cable car ingeniously uses the box as the gondola. Alternatively, attach a doll or passenger – to the cable runner and transport it across the room.

Attach the cable string between two trees, a cupboard to a table, or if you’re lucky enough to live in a big Victorian house with a wide tall staircase, at the top and bottom of the banisters etc .on a slight incline, and then everyone can enjoy the ride!

For added interest, fix one of our baskets to send berries, sweets or messages up and down.

Made in Germany


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