Bush Secrets: Waarda Series

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Jessica Lister, Tjalaminu Mia

Debbie has two special secrets and she definitely doesn’t want to share them with her brother Billy. When her grandfather comes to visit though, Debbie knows she can trust him with her treasures. And Grandpa has another secret, just for her. It’s his special place and Debbie is charged with taking care of it, too.

A beautiful tale of family and passing on the knowledge needed to help protect our environment.

About the Waarda series
Waarda, Nyungar for talking and sharing stories and information, is an exciting children’s series by Indigenous authors. Initiated by renowned Aboriginal artist and writer Sally Morgan, the series was designed to support the literacy needs of Indigenous children in primary school, by making available to them stories written by Indigenous authors. At the same time, it introduces non-Indigenous children to the richness and depth of Aboriginal storytelling. Above all, it is a collection of fun, interesting and diverse first chapter books for new readers.

48 pages


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