Basket Set 3 Sisal Green

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Set of 3 round baskets hand woven by women's co-op in Kenya using fiber from the plant Agave Sisalana (Sisal). Which they have cultivated, harvested and created these beautiful practical baskets with.

Environmental benefits 
Sisal is a renewable resource par excellence and can form part of the overall solution to climate change. Measured over its life-cycle, sisal absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces. 

During processing, it generates mainly organic wastes and leaf residues that can be used to generate bio energy, produce animal feed, fertilizer and ecological housing material and, at the end of its life cycle, sisal is 100 percent biodegradable. By contrast synthetically produced fibers do not possess any of these traits.
Moreover sisal plants reduce soil erosion through its extensive root system and contributes positively to watershed management. Sisal plants used as hedges act as effective vegetative barriers/ fences to protect the crops lands and forests from predatory animals and intruders.


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