Bandit Fire Bowl w Fire Safety Gloves included.

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We love this little brazier fire pit and its a great way to introduce your child to fire safely - toasting Marshmallows is great fun with a Bandit fire!

What do small (and big) bandits need? A camp fire of course! Best of all one where they can grill sausages or twisty stick bread. This is good old fashioned fun and helps children understand the safety messages about fire and acting responsibly.

Use this in the garden or on camping trips - teach your children to respect fire and act responsibly when cooking over a camp fire, we believe children should be exposed to dangerous situations by responsible adults who can teach them how to be sensible and take care rather than keeping them away from all potential dangers!

This is a Fire bowl with grilling grid with folding legs and 2 spits. Perfect for grilling sausages and chops and well as delicious kebabs and our absolute favourite toasted marshmallows!


This Haba Bandit fire is made by DENK braziers, handmade in Germany from CeraFlam®, the patent-protected DENK fire ceramic. No other ceramic material has such exceptional qualities.

Natural fire ceramic whose material composition is the result of space research. CeraFlam® is durably heat resistant, stores heat for a long time and does not age. CeraFlam® is only available from DENK. While the term brazier is used globally, the recipe for the ceramic compound is still our well kept secret today.

DENK braziers can and must be used everywhere outside, both summer and winter. All DENK braziers are transportable. Using a DENK brazier you can create wonderful light, a homely atmosphere and comforting warmth in no time. You can also use any DENK brazier for grilling and roasting.

DENK CeraFlam® braziers keep their shape and service life after years of intensive use. The material will not wear. You can keep producing fire until heart's content. There isn't much to think about.

DENK braziers are used with wood or charcoal for grilling.

After use the brazier should be emptied of ash. Wood ash can be used as excellent fertilizer. Please note that embers may continue to burn for up to 24 hours.

In the event of frost the brazier must be kept sheltered. Otherwise any water could freeze and break open the coarse-pore ceramic. Nonetheless, the brazier may be used without restriction in wintertime.

– On no account should liquid fire accelerant be used. If ignited, any accelerant penetrating the ceramic could cause the ceramic to break.
– Never use water to extinguish fire in the brazier or when it is still hot. The stress could also cause breakage. Let the brazier go out on its own, or if necessary,use sand.
– Do not use the brazier if it is soaked.
– Never allow children to play with or around the brazier unattended.

Materials: Material: thick-walled fire ceramic, absolutely heat-proof will not crack or wear, HOT TO TOUCH when in use. Use on bricks or similar to raise off the ground if setting on (precious) grass or a balcony.

Dimensions: Bowl 24,5 cm; Grill 35 cm: spits 45 - 60 cm.


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